Albums - Stormcloud.

  Stormcloud. (1999)
Need you by my side
Fame and fortune
Another day gone
First time blues
Why do you treat me this way
Memories of you
Count me out
Easy living
End of the line


Previews of the tracks will be available soon!

Musicians Patrick Rowbottom Bass guitar, Vocals
  Peter Cheetham Tenor Saxophone, Flute
  Daniel Hall Lead Guitar, Acoustic guitars
  Keith Bonthrone Vocals, Drums, Percussion

Chas Duncan played piano and organ.
Recorded at Shipwreck Studios, Glossop, Derbyshire
Produced by Patrick Rowbottom and Keith Bonthrone
Engineered by Wally

All songs by Patrick Rowbottom except 'Summertime' by G. Gershwin arranged by Patrick Rowbottom.

Six years after Cold Flame's first album comes the follow up! Stormcloud is a collection of original tunes written by bassist Patrick and recorded by the band during spring and summer 1999. Although three or four tracks have been stage favourites for several years, they were given new arrangements during recording. The remaining material was written during spring 1999 especially for the album itself. Snatches of folk and jazz merge with the more dominant and unmistakable rocking blues elements that have always been at the heart of Cold Flame music. Several tunes from the album are now being featured in Cold Flame live performances throughout the North West.

Much of the material on the album has a loose theme of moods associated with different times of the year and lyrically draws much from the social and geographic environment of the High Peak area. The artwork on the CD cover highlights this idea.

It took Cold Flame nearly six months to record and master the new album which was very much a Glossop based project from start to finish. Recording took place in one of the area's premier recording studios - Shipwreck Studios on Sheffield Road, Glossop - itself already well established in the music world. Owner and sound engineer Paul Walster was an obvious choice to work with having been friends with the band for many years. CD pressing was also handled locally at a Hadfield based company, whilst the artwork for the album cover was designed by Julian Homer, a student at Sheffield University who lives in Simmondley, Glossop.

It's always nice to have a strong title track which perhaps musically, lyrically or visually can then stimulate conceptual ideas which might prove useful as an album develops. Stormcloud, with it's warning of global catastrophe as the ozone layer rapidly disappears, was written specifically with this in mind. A lively paced out and out rocker with an interesting intro which features a real Glossopdale thunderstorm. If you listen carefully, you can even hear the sheep grazing.

Need you by my side
One of those tunes that seems to have been in and out of the band's sets for ever. Rocking r'n'b inspired by a trip to the very sweaty and packed out Gallery club in Manchester to catch Dr. Feelgood all those years ago. This is actually a new recording of the tune written specifically for the album.

Fame and Fortune
A simple yet catchy little tune with jazz/blues overtones dedicated to bands everywhere who ply their trade often for small reward and response in pubs and clubs throughout the land.

Another Day Gone
The acoustic piece... A reflection of life yesterday, today and tomorrow. This is about as serious as it gets. An alternative version of this song can be found on the album 'It came from the pond'.

1st Time Blues
Another of the band's early tunes completely reworked for this album relating the sad tale of a young man's early experiences with a young girl whose physical experiences heavily outnumbered his own. Some things never change.

Why do you treat me this way
This one was written with Peter in mind to showcase his prodigious talent on the tenor saxophone. A classic bluesy piece in every sense of the word which has translated extremely well to the live setting. Lyrically the tune focuses on the fickle nature and simple misunderstandings that often exist within relationships. Rather cynical wouldn't you say?

Memories of you
Typical Cold Flame rocker if there is such a thing which highlights some very rude guitar playing from Daniel as well as a keyboard intro in true prog-rock tradition coutesy of guest musician Chas Duncan.
Originally written many years ago, I just couldn't resist recording what has become an audience favourite and a staple of our live sets during the last few years.

One of those heavy, riffy rock tunes. Inspired in part by a Dave (Conner) tune of the same name which can be found on the album 'Second Contact'. The song deals with the thorny problem of manipulation which seems to be an ever increasing issue in the modern world... but who is working who? Inspired by nobody and everybody!

Count me out
The nearest that the band will ever get to jazz. A gentle laid back piece tailor made for saxophone about how to deal with someone who lets you down.

Easy Living
No not the well known Uriah Heep classic but a song acknowledging the fact that in reality life can be dammed hard... a case of whatever next and can I cope. Folk rock in style with links, lyrically to the title track though in the end more optimistic. The only song from the album that the band has never played live as yet.

End of the Line
On a simple level this song is about a bloke waiting for his girl to show up at the train station. The deeper meaning once again links up with the ideas expressed in the title track. Is this really the end? Musically familiar territory for the band - rocking blues àLa vindaloo.

We had been playing the Gerchwin classic for several years with varying degrees of success. Inspired by hearing a Gary Moore album one evening, I rearranged the song and told Daniel to do his best G.M. impersonation. The result seemed both a pleasing and contrasting way to end the album on an upbeat and hopeful note.

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